Swimming Every Day

Today, Daniel decided to go swimming every day (or at least as many days in a row as possible) to start losing weight through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). What’s nice is that it’s gentle on the joints. This is what some people do in Switzerland – you don’t notice the cold or “bad” weather as much if you stick to swimming every day because the temperature of the water doesn’t change that much from one day to the next, even if you’re swimming in a river or a lake.

Illustration by vectorlab

The nice thing is that our apartment complex has a community pool and jacuzzi so the current idea is to warm up doing stretches and sit in the jacuzzi for about 5 minutes. Then jump in the pool (like ripping a band aid off!) and swim laps for 1-2 minutes. Repeat jacuzzi and laps every 1-2 minutes to get 5 repetitions then relax in the jacuzzi for another 10-15 minutes before taking a cold show to rinse off the chlorine.

You can find updates on his Daniel’s YouTube Channel and Daniel’s Weight Loss Journey page. This is the first post so we don’t know yet whether we’ll be posting more updates here or on YouTube… Just keep checking both 😀